There are occasions when the trial court does not produce a just, fair or equitable result for one or even both of the parties in a family law dispute. In some situations, a party may have a basis for an appeal. Appeals generally result when the law has not been properly applied to the facts of the case, or if the facts presented are a new, unique situation. There are very strict time limits to appeal your case and we suggest you contact an attorney immediately to explore your legal options.

In Indiana there are two levels of appeals after there has been a ruling by the trial court; there is the Indiana Court of Appeals and the Indiana Supreme Court. After receiving a final trial court ruling, all parties are generally entitled to an appeal to the Indiana Court of Appeals. The Indiana Supreme Court only hears appeals that it chooses at its discretion, and are generally those cases that present significant legal issues.

Mitchell Law Group attorney, Amy Carson, primarily handles the appeals in our office for all family law matters. If you are a party that received a trial court judgment that you believe was incorrect or if you are a party to a case that is being appealed, please contact our office to determine your options.

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