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Child Related Issues

Child Custody

Child custody issues often arise in divorce, paternity, and post-dissolution cases. There are two forms of custody: physical custody and legal custody.

Child Support

There have been new changes in the law which impact the age of emancipation and the deadlines parents must follow to seek post-secondary education expenses for their children. I can provide you with sound legal advice regarding these changes in the law and how they impact your individual situation.


The central issues that are addressed in a paternity proceeding include custody and parenting time, child support, and payment of birth expenses. Each case, however, requires special attention based on the specific facts of that party’s situation.


I can provide you with the necessary steps in determining whether your child should be emancipated and, by extension, any corresponding child support obligation that should be terminated, or, defend against emancipation if your child meets certain criteria and is in need of continuing support.

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