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About Mitchell Family Law P.C.

Based in Indianapolis, Mitchell Family Law P.C. is dedicated to protecting the best interests of families going through a divorce and other legal family matters. With over three decades of experience, I am prepared to tackle any complicated family situation and work towards a just resolution. I offer compassionate legal representation for you whether you need representation in a divorce or legal separation, emancipation, or visitation or guardianship issue.

As an experienced litigator, I know how to get results. I believe that alternative dispute resolution is best for families to solve their problems quickly, but if your case needs to go to court, I will fiercely advocate for your rights.

I recognize that each case is unique, but my objective for every case remains the same: to help you determine all the possible outcomes in your particular case, safeguard your finances, and secure the best results possible for you. I will employ cost-effective and client-driven strategies for your individual needs. I strive to remain ahead of the curve relating to changes and trends in the law, strategies, and technology. You can expect transparency in all areas of access and in information sharing regarding your case, and I will promptly respond to any communication, question, or concern from you at any time. I do understand how difficult and challenging these situations can be on your emotional well-being and I will do my best to assume burdens for you during this time and alleviate your stress.

My philosophy is that each client is equally as valuable.  I value my clients’ time as much as my own and realize that the issues you are dealing with greatly affect your life. I do not take that lightly. I am genuinely interested in learning your situation and am also dedicated to ensuring your future success. I want to equip you with the tools to move forward in your new phase of life— no matter what it looks like. I will be honest about what I think is in your best interests, but ultimately the choice is yours. Each client has a right to determine the possible outcome of their case.

"Regardless of your family make-up, when a legal issue arises, it is important for you to have an experienced attorney on your side to represent and fiercely guard your rights."
Strong Representation

Your family matter deserves an experienced legal advocate who will fight hard for you, and your children if children are involved, and who is unafraid to take your case to court if necessary, for your best outcome.

Compassionate Counsel

When your emotions are high, you need an attorney who understands what you are feeling. I approach each case with compassion and a commitment to help you move forward.

Informed Experience

When you work with me, I work for you. I will utilize my experience and skills to help you. Whatever your needs may be, call on my expertise for strong representation for your case.

With broad experience in all matters of divorce and family law, I can assist clients with pre- and post-nuptial agreements, planning with divorce proceedings for traditional and contemporary families, and modification and post-dissolution matters. No matter what you are facing, I will help you achieve a fair resolution for your needs and will explore all your options to reach for the best possible outcome.

Reaching your best outcome does not always involve going to trial. In fact, I believe the best outcomes can often be resolved out of court with the help of alternative dispute resolution methods.   I will assess all the details of your case and develop the most cost effective and results driven strategies to help you achieve your goals.  If the solution that you need cannot be reached without going to court, I will vigorously defend your rights in the courtroom as well. Throughout the process, I will always keep you informed as to developments and communications relating to your case and give you the peace of mind of knowing that an experienced counsel is on your side at all times.