A guardian is a person appointed by a court to be legally responsible for another person and/or for another person’s property. In the case of a minor child, a guardian is appointed to oversee the personal care of the child in the parents’ absence. A guardianship may be voluntary, which means that the parent consents, or a guardianship can be contested, wherein the court will hear the matter and determine if a guardianship is needed. In a contested guardianship, the court will not only consider the best interests of the child, but the fitness of the natural parent. Once appointed, a guardian is responsible for providing proper care for the minor child. A guardianship can be permanent or temporary. A temporary guardian is appointed by the court without a formal hearing when an emergency exists. It is limited to a specified period not to exceed 60 days, and to obtain this type of guardianship one must show that it is necessary to prevent injury to the child. Attorneys at Mitchell Law Group understand the emergency needs that can arise regarding the well-being of a child, and are quick to respond in order to ensure a child’s safety.

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