Mitchell Law Group Overview

Mitchell Law Group is a law firm in the Indianapolis area whose practice is focused primarily on matrimonial and family law matters. The firm’s attorneys have a combined experience of 57 years of practice. The attorneys at Mitchell Law Group are aggressive and well-respected litigators. They are equally skilled at negotiating “no court” divorces, out-of-court settlements, tax-wise divorce decrees and frequently attend mediations and aid in reconciliations, if the client requests. The attorneys practice in the Indianapolis area, as well as all surrounding counties and throughout the State of Indiana. The firm will also assist in cases across the United States with the assistance of local co-counsel.

Managing partner and founder, Gloria Mitchell, guides the firm as an authority in cases involving complex custody and visitation matters, challenging financial strategies, business valuations and complex tax issues in divorce and family law cases. Ms. Mitchell has been recognized for her legal ability and ethical standards in the Martindale-Hubbell law directory by receiving an AV rating. Martindale-Hubbell is the world’s leading source of information for the legal profession and their law directory is the primary research source used by attorneys for authoritative data on their colleagues.

Mitchell Law Group excels at handling high-profile cases, representing sports, entertainment and media figures, business leaders, physicians, judges, CEOs, attorneys and other professionals, as well as spouses of high-net worth individuals. We do not publish or advertise the identities of these clients, although some are contained in public records. Our attorneys equally excel in their roles representing stay at home individuals, disabled spouses, home service providers, counselors, state and government employees, teachers, entrepreneurs, college students and anyone else who may have a family law related issue. We pride ourselves on providing services across gender and socioeconomic status, and work with dedication on each client’s case to reach his/her needs and goals.

Every year, millions of families become involved in pre-divorce planning, divorce and post-divorce litigation. Our society now includes grandparents, aunts and uncles serving as custodians, same-sex partners and cohabitators dealing with property issues and children, thus making the term family ever changing. Although factually diverse, most litigants engaged in this process find it exhausting, emotional, confusing and often expensive. Mitchell Law Group offers compassionate and directed professional services to navigate through what can be one of the most difficult times in your life, the results of which can affect you and your family for years to come. Despite the uniqueness of each case, the objective of every case remains the same: to help you determine the possible outcomes in your particular case, safeguard your financial resources and secure you and your family the best results possible. Our attorneys employ both cost effective and client driven strategies. The attorneys and staff at Mitchell Law Group utilize a team approach to client cases to achieve the client’s desired result. The attorneys constantly strive to remain ahead of the curve relating to changes and trends in the law, strategies and technology. Clients are provided with open access and information regarding his/her case, and the attorneys provide prompt responses to time-sensitive communication from clients.

At Mitchell Law Group, our philosophy is that each client is our most valuable client. Clients are the reasons we come to work, and we work hard for our clients. Clients are never an interruption or an inconvenience. We value our clients’ time as much as our own and realize that the issues we are dealing with greatly affect each client’s life. Our clients are kept apprised of all aspects of their case and we encourage our clients to participate in his or her own case, both administratively and legally, to the extent that the client wants to do so. We are interested in our clients’ present situation and also dedicated to ensuring their future success. One of our primary objectives is to equip our clients with the tools to move forward in his/her new phase of life. We will tell our clients what we think is in his/her best interests, but will ultimately defer to clients on whether to accept, reject or modify this position, as we believe each client has a right to determine the possible outcomes of his/her case.

The attorneys at Mitchell Law Group provide integrity, technical expertise and common sense to assist you in the resolution of your legal dilemma. Support is offered at every level and we are dedicated to solving your problems, not adding to them. Let Mitchell Law Group work with you and for you, to achieve the best possible outcomes for you and your family.

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