Non Traditional Family Practice

Unlike married individuals, cohabitants who are not married do not have automatic protection under the law for property or assets jointly acquired. There are special types of agreements that can protect both non-married heterosexual couples as well as same-sex couples. A cohabitation agreement and/or domestic partnership agreement are ways to legally establish how an unmarried couple owns property during their relationship, and how this property should be divided if they separate or one dies. There are a few ways to protect unmarried individuals without cohabitation agreements. For instance, partition actions can be initiated to divide real property acquired during a relationship.

For same-sex couples it is often important to use non-traditional legal avenues to form a cohesive family unit. Some common methods used to create unity and provide further protection include: name changes, estate planning, adoption, co-parenting and donor insemination agreements, as well as maximizing insurance coverage. The attorneys at Mitchell Law Group can provide you with necessary information in order to help create your desired family unit.

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